Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve


Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve

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  • Anonymous

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    10 March 2022

    I got it about a month ago, and it functioned well for the first week. Then it got possessed out of nowhere. For a few days, it would say it required water, so I would disconnect it and re-plug it, and it would let me drink a cup of coffee, but not a would start flashing the add water light. This continued for a few days before returning to normal. Then, after a few days, it refused to brew when I pressed the brew button. My heart sank to the floor. So I pushed the brew button a little harder, and it brewed. I'm happy I didn't give up and return it to Target as some others did since it now works flawlessly. The iced coffee feature works well. I wish it came in more colors, but the iced coffee function is fantastic.

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    • The design is tiny, sleek, and attractive, making it a beautiful complement to any kitchen counter while also conserving space.
    • All of your favorite American and international brands are compatible.
    • The brew selections include 8oz, 10oz, and 12oz mugs, which accommodate to varying serving sizes.
    • Each cycle, the water reservoir may contain up to 4 cups of 12oz serving sizes.
    • A detachable water tray adds height to the bag, allowing it to fit travel cups up to 7 inches tall.
    • Maintenance notifications let you know when the water reservoir needs to be refilled and the machine needs to be cleaned or emptied.
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General (8/9)
Country Of Origin
Dimension Height
Dimension Width
Dimension Depth
Certifications -
Specifications (9/24)
Product Type
AC Input Voltage
AC Input Frequency
Cord Length
Energy Efficiency Class -
Appliance Placemenet -
Coffee Maker Type -
Coffee Input Type
Types Of Drink -
Number Of Spouts -
Water Tank Capacity
Used Capsules Container Capacity -
Coffee Beans Capacity -
Maximum Operating Pressure -
Heating System -
Reservoir For Brewed Coffee -
Case Design -
Display Type -
Filter -
Grinder Setting -
Single Serve Coffee
All Compatible Pod Types -
Features (14/59)
Auto Power Off System -
On/Off Switch
Energy Saving Mode
Personal Coffee Memory -
Calc-Clean Function -
Anti-Scale System -
Water Hardness Selector -
Built-in Milk Frother -
Programmable -
Timer -
Dishwasher-Proof Parts
Coffee Filter -
Water Filter -
Cup Warmer -
Anti-Drip Function -
Milk Tank -
Built-in Grinder -
Automatic Anti-Calc System -
Automatic Flow Stop System -
SensoFlow System -
Hot Water System
Fast Heat
Built-in Display -
Touchscreen Display -
Calc Indicator -
Indication Light -
Removable Brewing/infusion Unit -
Removable Drip Tray
Removable Water Tank
Cup Holder -
Standby Function -
Water Level Indicator -
Adjustable Grinder Setting -
Adjustable Coffee Strength -
Adjustable Drip Tray -
Adjustable Cup Stand Height -
Coffee Strength Setting -
Chocolate Milk Making Function -
Hot Chocolate Making Function -
Tea Making Function -
Hot Milk Making Function -
Caffe Crema Making Function -
Lungo Making Function -
Latte Macchiato Making Function -
Latte Making Function -
Cappuccino Making Function -
Americano Making Function
Espresso Making Function -
Coffee Making Function
Flat White Making -
Espresso Macchiato Making -
Pod Compatible
K-Cup Compatible
Warmer Plate -
Adjustable Temperature -
Water Window -
Drip Coffee
Iced Setting
Price (1/1)
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