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Statistics on DJI Mini SE

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💰 Price $299*
📍 Categories
📌 Features
🔎 Views 1259 Views
😍 Likes 0 Likes
🔑 Specifications 52/65
👍 Rating -
💬 Review 1

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Reviews, Pros & Cons DJI Mini SE By Customers

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  • Anonymous

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    09 December 2021

    In the $300 price range, this is the greatest drone you can get for taking outstanding video, images, and flying safely. Period. If you're planning to spend more than $200, this is the best option. If you're looking for a really beginner-friendly drone, any $20-$30 model would suffice. Learn till you can't learn any more. For $100 to $150, you can obtain a "good" drone with GPS, RTH, and other features, but the range will be limited and the camera and video quality will be mediocre at best. You'd be a fool not to purchase this if you're paying more than that.

    Pros 👍 Cons 👎
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Easy to use
    • Built-in safety features
    • Excellent stabilization
    • RAW shooting for more flexibility
    • Colorful JPEGs
    • Good battery life
    • Affordable
    • Smaller camera sensor
    • Lacks obstacle detection
    • Inconsistent yellow zone warnings
    • Suffers from serious flare shooting into the sum
    • Limited dynamic range and shadow recovery in RAW
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General (8/9)
Country Of Origin
Dimension Length
Dimension Width
Dimension Height
Release Year
Package Includes -
Specifications (33/41)
Drone Type -
Takeoff Weight
Diagonal Distance
Max Ascend Speed
Max Descend Speed
Max Flight Speed
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level
Max Flight Time
Max Flight Distance -
Max Wind Speed Resistance Level
Gimbal Stabilization
Mechanical Range (Drone Mode)
Mechanical Range (AI-Camera Mode) -
ISO Range
Shutter Speed
Still Image Size
Still Photography Modes
Video Transmission System
Video Resolution
Photo Resolution -
Field Of View -
Max Video Bitrate
Live View Quality
Digital Zoom
Supported File Formats
Photo Formats
Video Formats
Internal Storage
Supported SD Card
SSD Specs
Operating Temperature -
Input Power
Output Power
Battery Type
Battery Capacity
Operating Time -
Charging Time -
Rated Power
Features (11/15)
Ready To Fly -
Return To Home
Gimbal Support
Built-in Camera
Video Recording
VR Headset Compatible
Built-in Goggles -
Live View
App Supported
LED Lights
Built-in External Battery -
USB Charging
Waterproof -
Price (1/1)
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