L.L. Bean Double L 4-6 wt.

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Double L 4-6 wt.

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  • Anonymous

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    15 February 2022

    To honor my 10-year-old grandson, I purchased this LL Fly Rod after we attended an LL Bean adventure fly fishing lesson together. He'll get a lot of use out of this rod, and I'm pleased by its build and feel. He won't be able to outgrow this rod.

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General (3/8)
Country Of Origin
Dimension Length -
Dimension Diameter -
Rod Weight -
Release Year -
Warranty -
Package Includes
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Rod Style
Rod Power -
Reel Seat
Fishing Technique -
Rod Action -
Rod Blank Material -
Rod Butt -
Rod Tube
Rod Sections -
Guide Type
Guide Quantity -
Handle Type
Handle Material -
Handle Quantity -
Grip Material -
Reargrip Length -
Foregrip Length -
Target Species -
Features (3/4)
Easy To Carry
Gimbal -
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