Lexar High-Performance 633x SDHC/SDXC


Lexar High-Performance 633x SDHC/SDXC

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  • Anonymous

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    10 February 2022

    There is a troubling trend with counterfeit SD cards. (Many firms depend on their reputation, so please give them a chance to serve you. After all, they may have been deceived) You may compare cards and their enemies on many websites. Getting the primary brand is said to prevent viruses. But what can we do? We want to remember our travels, our kids' school events, and our work events. I can only tell you what I know about it. It is a high-quality card. For example, after a two-week vacation, I had 747 photographs and 18 1-minute movies. The card worked well, but not the phographer. I'll attempt to explain what the numbers and letters on the SD card imply. Someone with greater technical knowledge than me may improve the descriptions.

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General (9/9)
Country Of Origin
Dimension Depth
Dimension Width
Dimension Height
Release Year
Package Includes
Specifications (11/16)
Flash Memory Type
File System -
Bus Interface
Form Factor
Speed Class
Memory Storage Capacity
Bus Speed
Read Speed
Write Speed
Shot Speeds -
Transfer Speeds
Insertion/Removal Cycles -
Certificate -
Operating Temperature
Operating Voltage -
Features (9/9)
Ultra Speed Data Transfer
A1 Performance
Price (1/1)
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