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Wisdom Panel Essential

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  • Anonymous

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    16 February 2022

    When we first saw what seemed to be a Chihuahua/Corgi mix, we saved it because of its appearance. Definitely a Chihuahua face and a Corgi buttocks! I had no idea that she was in fact a mix of Pekingese, shitzu, and Chihuahua! This is a really thorough report!

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General (8/9)
Country Of Origin
Dimension Length
Dimension Width
Dimension Height
Release Year
Warranty -
Package Includes
Specifications (7/10)
Genetic Detections -
Total Number Of Health Screenings -
Medical Complication Identifications
Total Number Of Medical Complications Tests
Breed Detect Accuration
Total Number Of Breed Identifications
Traits Test Type
Number Of Trait Tests
Family Tree
Time For Results -
Features (6/6)
Predict Weight Profile
Genetic Traits Analysis
Multi-Generational Family Tree
Veterinarian Consultation
Online Reports
Free Online Pet Profile
Price (1/1)
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