Blackfire PAC1000


Blackfire PAC1000

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  • Anonymous

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    23 February 2022

    This is an extremely well-built piece of equipment! My coffee machine and electric grill were among the first things I put it to use for when I arrived back to my cabin. I was able to put the solar panel wire through the window and use two combined panels to sun charge outdoors at the same time Right now, it's fully charged and ready to go in case of a power loss at home!

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Specifications (8/11)
Dimension Length
Dimension Height
Dimension Width
Net Weight
Charge Method
Charge Temperature
Discharge Temperature -
Release Date -
Certification -
General (6/7)
Surge -
Battery Capacity
Battery Type
Life Cycles
Output Ports
Input Ports
Features (13/15)
Digital Display
Overload Protection Switch
Charge Indicator
Wireless Charging
AC Wall Outlet Charge
Solar Panel Charge
Car Charge
Wind Charge
Recharge Time
App Control
Wi-Fi Connection
Bluetooth Connection
UPS Mode -
ECO Mode -
Accessories (0/3)
Extra Battery -
Solar Panel -
Package Includes -
Price (1/1)
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