Worx Landroid WR155


Worx Landroid WR155

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Statistics on Worx Landroid WR155

Here we display statistical data about Worx Landroid WR155

💰 Price $1399.99*
📍 Categories
📌 Features
🔎 Views 1283 Views
😍 Likes 4 Likes
🔑 Specifications 29/60
👍 Rating 4.2
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General (6/8)
Dimension Length
Dimension Height
Dimension Width
Material -
Certifications -
Technical (4/12)
Power -
Battery Type
Battery Life -
Battery Capacity
Charging Current -
Recharging Time
Typical Mow Time On One Charge -
Power Source
Power Consumption Per Month (max) -
Power Consumption (typical) -
Max Active Time -
Area Capacity Per Hour -
Specifications (12/22)
Self-docking -
Automatic Recharge
Recommended Lawn Area -
Working Width
Minimum Cutting Height
Maximum Cutting Height
Cutting Height (min - Max)
Cutting Height Adjustment -
Skid Plate -
Maximum Working Climb -
User Interface -
Display Type
Cutting Surface (max) -
Cutting System
Maximum Incline
Noise Level -
Maximum Noise Level
Type Of Cutting Blades -
Number Of Blades
Number Of Wheels
Motor Type -
Features (6/11)
Anti-theft Alarm
GPS Theft Tracking -
Lift Sensor
Tilt Sensor -
Ultrasonic Sensor -
Rain Sensor
Pin Code
Perimeter Wire Length -
Handle -
App Control
Accessories (1/7)
Extra Blades -
Charging Station -
Wheel Brushes -
Low Voltage Cable -
Power Supply Unit -
Loop Wire -
Price (1/1)
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